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If you frequent my site, you'll notice that I update it quite a bit.  Due to its size and scope, updates are scattered all around.  This listing serves as a quick reference for those who only want to look at the newest changes.  By default, the latest 15 updates are listed below (with links to the changed or added content) but you can view all the changes using the table pagination links below.
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2018.05.22 @ 23.22.21

~ 3 weeks old / 26 days ago

 Big in Japan...

2018.03.13 @ 18.58.14

~ 3 months old / 96 days ago

 Meh. Still here.

2017.12.03 @ 13.04.57

~ 6 months old / 196 days ago

 Noticing that Windows 10 doesn't reconnect to network shares before letting apps start to launch which is causing issues with some of my programs that are slated as startups that require file access (Hotrkeyz, Vistas, etc). As long as the files these programs use are located locally (C:), they will function properly. I may update these programs to cache the files on the C drive to avoid this issue in the future.
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